I met Freddy Shegog last year by accident in a hotel business center. We attended the 2023 Achieving the Dream annual DREAM conference in Chicago. We began talking, and I quickly found myself inspired by him and wanting to invite him to speak to our students at Hudson County Community College, where I am President. Freddy later gave a riveting talk at DREAM that led to an enthusiastic standing ovation and created buzz for weeks afterward throughout the nation. Our HCCC Family was honored to invite Freddy to speak to over 400 new students at HCCC’s Convocation in late August2023. He shared his challenging life experiences, turning points, and lessons learned in an electrifying presentation that led our students to ask him many questions and seek his advice during and for hours after his talk. Freddy connected with our students, who share many of his experiences and life challenges. The students clearly found his engaging presentation to be motivational and transformational. I believe Freddy made a palpable impact at a critical moment for our students who will been during their journeys and helped motivate them to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Freddy Shegog is a gifted speaker and an inspirational human being! I recommend him for college and other appearances with the most tremendous enthusiasm! Thank you, Freddy! You are transforming lives!

Christopher M. Reber
President- Hudson County Community College

The day after our Convocation at South Florida State College, the campus is still buzzing about Freddie and his incredible, uplifting message. Our focus was on how we can connect to the student body as they return to campus beyond the usual and traditional. Well, Freddie Shegog, through his personal experience, spoke to each of our hearts. He reminded us of the personal characteristics we should have with the students and each other daily. If you are looking for a keynote speaker to remind you of your Blessings, how to treat people, uplift others, and speak to your heart….Freddie is your guy. I have sat through many informative and motivating speeches, but none were like what Freddie brought to our campus and staff. In short, he will Bless you with his presence!

Fred Hawkins
President- South Florida State College

Freddy Shegog is a charismatic and authentic speaker who blessed us twice last year with appearances. On our campus, he shares the trials and tribulations of his life journey, redemption, commitment to faith and family, and dedication to uplifting and energizing others. Yesterday was Manor College’s New Student Orientation. I had to pre-record my message as President of the College because I was asked to introduce Philadelphia’s Mayor at a major international event. I felt terrible about not being on campus for the better part of the morning. It was the first time I had missed a New Student Orientation in all the time I have been an executive in higher education for 18 years. I started the morning on campus, and Freddy greeted me with the hug of a brother. I darted to the city, led the program with the Mayor, and then returned to campus. When I returned, Freddy had already given his speech, but I trusted it would be moving. It was. No sooner did I see a set of students wandering campus after I returned; I asked: How was your morning? The first response I got from the group was this: So far, the day has been GREAT!  We love it at Manor and are so glad to be here. We are excited to start the new school year. Moreover, we really liked Freddy Shegog’s keynote address. He was inspiring! As I went through the remainder of the day, the message received was more of the same. The guilt and worry I was carrying melted away because I knew the man who gave me a brotherly hug had shared his love with everyone.”

Jonathan Peri, Ph.D., J.D
President- Manor College

Frederick Shegog recently spoke at the Impact Summit at Missouri State University, and he was engaging, thoughtful, vulnerable, and impactful. He shared his life story with the conference participants in a way that motivated them to want to make a difference in the lives of those they interact with on a daily basis. I highly recommend Frederick as a motivational speaker for any conference or team-building event. He is amazing!

Priscilla Childress
Director, New Student Orientation, Family Programs and Student Affairs Special Events

Frederick Shegog is a motivating and inspiring speaker that we were fortunate enough to have as a keynote speaker at our 2,000+ national conference. Our annual national conference focuses on professional development for those serving our children and youth experiencing homelessness in our public schools. While Frederick's message and experiences directly related to our conference theme and purpose, Frederick's story and message resonate with everyone seeking purpose and making a mark . . . on their legacy. I highly recommend Frederick Shegog for any event. It was truly a pleasure to work with him, and I look forward to our continued organizational affiliation with him and his company.

Tisha R. Tallman
Executive Director of the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY)

Recently, we were privileged to host Freddy Shegog as the keynote speaker at our Annual Convocation at Forsyth Technical Community College. Freddy's journey from homelessness and addiction to becoming an empowered advocate for education is nothing short of inspiring. His raw, authentic storytelling captivated our faculty, staff, and students, leaving an indelible impression on all who attended.What struck me most was Freddy's account of an advisor at a community college who truly 'saw' him. She went beyond her job description to build a meaningful relationship with Freddy, embodying the kind of relational, equitable, intentional, and proactive approach we strive for at Forsyth Tech. Her influence changed the trajectory of his life, serving as a vivid testament to the transformative power of education—a message that resonates deeply with our institutional values.Freddy not only engaged our audience but empowered us to continue making a difference in the lives of our students. His message is compelling, impactful, and absolutely necessary in today's educational landscape. I wholeheartedly recommend Freddy Shegogg as a speaker for any event seeking to inspire change and encourage educational empowerment.

Dr. Janet N. Spriggs
President and Chief Executive Officer, Forsyth Tech Community College

Frederick Shegog really caught our audience’s attention the entire time he spoke. It was fantastic to hear from a former student who was willing to speak about his trials and tribulations, what worked for him, and how he’s been able to make a successful career through persistence and perseverance. We need more speakers like Frederick!

Edward J. Leach
Executive Director, National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy

To say that Freddy is an inspirational speaker is a complete understatement. He came to speak to my school of “at-risk” teens; those students hung on every word he said. He moved them with his story of troubles, hard work, and triumph. He connected with the students because they, too, have troubles, and they appreciated having someone they could relate to share his honest story. I asked Freddy to speak for 45 minutes to an hour, worried that my students would get bored, but he could have spoken for much longer, and the students still would have listened intently. Afterward, the students did not clear out but shook his hand and stayed behind to speak to him one-on-one! I will be asking Freddy to come back and see my students again in the future. I highly recommend asking Frederick Shegog to speak to your group. He is real. He is honest. He is inspirational.

L. Newman
Acting Principal, SYA
Media, PA

Freddie Shegog delivers a real-life-based message ofhope, inspiration, and recovery.  His presentation pushes back powerfullyagainst the hopelessness and despair that mark the disease of drug and alcoholaddiction.   Every word from his mouth is filled with passion, compassion,and commitment to protecting his fellow brothers and sisters from contractingthis deadly disease.  His life-changing message has been applaudedeverywhere he speaks. Freddie is on a sacred faith-based mission; he hasdedicated his life to prevention and bringing hope and recovery to thosealready suffering from the disease.

Gary Tennis
President, National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws(NAMSDL)

We were pleased to invite Frederick Shegog to Clarion University of Pennsylvania to speak to our campus. Through his presentation, our students were encouraged to work through unfortunate circumstances. Frederick used his past as an example and, as a result, could connect with our students. He was inspiring! Students left Mr. Shegog’s presentation motivated and encouraged. We look forward to Mr. Shegog returning to Clarion University.

Ann Jamison
Office of the President
Clarion University of Pennsylvania

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